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About Shefs: Meet Our Founder

As a C-level executive at a U.S. Fortune 50 Financial Services company, Niharika was struck by the challenges and barriers to financial independence faced by many women.  She learned that these challenges impacted not only their financial wellness; it struck at the very core of their confidence and future outlook.  

With two young girls of her own, Niharika felt compelled to create financial opportunity for women across all life stages.  In the quest for the right solution, Niharika found one deeply rooted in her childhood. 

Growing up in Mumbai, India, Niharika Shah had an insatiable curiosity for how good food is made. In her mother’s kitchen, surrounded by adoring aunts, Niharika’s endless questions were encouraged and rewarded.

“Why that spice?” she’d question the family matriarchy as they prepared traditional Indian dishes—delicacies made with the freshest ingredients, and without written recipes, only “a dash of this” and “a pinch of that”. She didn’t realize it then, but the food was extra special because of the love that was mixed in and left in “the bottom of the pot.”

As her career in Marketing advanced, Niharika traveled the world, carrying this curiosity with her. Seeking out authentic, off-the-beaten-path places to eat, she would meet and speak with the women behind the food. Favorite family recipes, these delicious sauces and homemade dressings were served to the locals and visitors. Like Niharika’s family recipes, these cultural dishes were passed down from generation to generation.

She discovered that unlocking the hidden talent and capacity of women home cooks would in turn unlock financial opportunity for them. 

And so began the Shefs project—to help unknown women chefs from all over the world market their family recipes, and create income streams to help them become financially secure.

Each woman chef (“Shef”) has unique dishes and experiences. Shefs brings their stories to life and their prepared recipes to dinner tables. By becoming a customer of Shefs, families can enjoy affordable, delicious meals—dinners easily prepared at home, while helping empower women globally. In other words, we all can do good food that does good.

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