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Meet the Shefs: Jamie Kim

Come home to Shef Jamie’s “Jipbab” Bulgogi Sauce. Jib means home in Korean—and delicious in every language.

SHOP: Jamie’s “Jipbab” Bulgogi Sauce

Growing up in Seoul, Jamie was surrounded by women who cooked authentic Korean recipes that were handed down for generations. Her mother’s cooking, in particular, was popular and sought after. “I grew up with a mother who was a natural in the kitchen. Her cooking was a legend in our community.

What Jamie remembers the most about her mother’s cooking was her dedication to packing Jamie’s lunch. “I lived at home until I got married and most days, I had a warm, hot lunch to enjoy all through my school years.”

In her 20s, working as a successful fashion designer, Jamie didn’t have time to cook. She recalled her mother’s packed lunches fondly. “The love in her dishes inspired me to start cooking when I moved to the States. I missed my mother and I channeled that by cooking for my husband, and eventually my two daughters.”

Learn more about Jamie’s “Jipbab” Bulgogi Sauce

Over the years, Jamie has hosted her own legendary dinner parties for family and friends. After attending one of her dinner parties, a television producer invited Jamie to host a cooking show called “Holly’s House” for a Korean broadcasting network, featuring her passion for cooking and creating family traditions. 

Today, busier than ever, Jamie continues to cook traditional Korean dishes for family and friends. She is passionate about discovering recipe “shortcuts” and meal prep ideas to help other busy women. And she is proud to say, her daughters have homemade, packed lunches to take to school every day.

Jamie hopes Shefs will empower you, too, to cook delicious, homemade Korean meals. And share the joy of serving more affordable, healthier meals at home with family and friends.

“When I see my daughters enjoy my dishes, I think of eating the same thing in front of my mother in Seoul. Eating a home cooked meal is a reminder that someone else took the time to think of me, that someone prepared the meal with love.”

SHOP: Jamie’s “Jipbab” Bulgogi Sauce

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