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Meet the Shefs: Silvina Campos

Silvina’s “Perfeito” Piri Piri Sauce. Portuguese for perfect, her homemade sauce is perfeito for your dinner table.

A native of Castelejo, Portugal, Silvina Campos moved to the United States at the age of six. Spending the majority of her summers in Portugal, Silvina remembers watching her grandmother prepare authentic, native sauces and cuisine.

“My earliest memory is of seeing my Grandma Delfina in her tiny kitchen prepare simple but delicious Portuguese meals with such love. I learned so much from her.”

Growing up, Silvina enjoyed experimenting with traditional dishes and tweaking family recipes passed down from her grandmother. “I’ve always been drawn to cooking, even as a little girl. I love cooking for my family and friends and watching them enjoy the meal.”

A mother of two and a grandmother, Silvina worked in a 9-to-5 office job most of her life but was never happy or satisfied. Then in 2008, she lost her job and decided to try doing what she really loved—cooking!

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“Today, I cook fresh, homemade lunches for 100 teen girls at an all-girls high school.” Silvina loads her dishes with excitement and love, re-inventing classic dishes with a Portuguese twist. Like her Grandma Delfina, she believes the most flavorful cuisine is made simply with the best ingredients. “Just give me some garlic, olive oil, a little wine and a bay leaf and watch me go to work.”

On any given day now Silvina can be found creating dishes in her kitchen. “I never thought I could make a career out of cooking.” Since meeting Niharika and becoming part of Shefs, Silvina is finally living her dream. 

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