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Shefs Sauce Highlight: Silvina’s “Perfeito” Piri Piri

by Shef Silvina Campos

Ever since I could remember I've always loved being in the kitchen. Whether it was cooking old family recipes or experimenting with new recipes. I have two wonderful kids and two adorable grandsons. I get great pleasure cooking for my family and friends and watching them enjoy my food.

I was born in Portugal and moved to the United States when I was 6 years old. My family and I spent most of our summers back in Portugal with my grandparents. Some of my fondest memories are of my avo (grandmother) and I walking to the "horta" garden. We would pick whatever was ripe and then coming back to her little kitchen and watching her create delicious meals with the simplest of ingredients. I can remember helping her peel potatoes and wash vegetables while she would tell me stories (she was the best story-teller).

The Piri-Piri sauce is used all over Portugal and each region has its own variation. Piri-Piri was my grandfather's favorite. It is a very versatile sauce you can add it to chicken, shrimp, even drizzle it over eggs. You can make a Piri-Piri bowl with left over rice and vegetables or use it as a sandwich spread. It makes for a delicious dip for vegetables and pita. It adds a fresh, tangy, spicy taste to almost anything you put it on.

SHOP: Silvina's "Perfeito" Piri Piri Sauce

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