Jamie's "Jip" Korean Bulgogi

Jamie's "Jip" Korean Bulgogi


Jamie's heirloom bulgogi recipe has been perfected after years and years of practice. Made with fresh pear and kelp, this bulgogi makes Korean food easier to do at home. Use with noodles, beef, chicken or tofu. Umami: simple and delicious. Made exclusively for Shefs, this 12oz sauce is great as a meal starter, and compatible for use with Instant Pot, or other one-pot recipes. Made with all-natural ingredients. Shefs is dedicated to creating financial opportunity for women home cooks. Every purchase enhances the financial well-being of our women home cooks. (note: Made in a factory that also processes nuts)

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    Jamie's "Jip" Korean Bulgogi | 12oz Gourmet Sauce, Ready to Cook, Instant Pot Compatible Starter, Made For Shefs by Shefs